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Start! Modification of Monpak ambulance completed

In the new year, all employees of Zhongwei Chengxin Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. returned to the factory with a high attitude. They responded to the work of the new year with full enthusiasm and strived to improve the company and fight the first battle with all their strength. At the beginning of the new year

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Shandong Zhongwei Chengxin Automobile Co., Ltd. is located in Qingchi advanced manufacturing accelerator area, Weifang High-tech Zone, Shandong Province.

The status quo and prospects of telemedicine

With the increasing complexity of disease treatment, the continuous improvement and development of telemedicine technology, the establishment of a complete telemedicine mechanism, the current state vigorously promote the popularization of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, the interconnection and sharing of medical resources

Why mobile medical examination vehicles are more and more popular in the market

In recent years, our country has been committed to helping the masses get rid of poverty. Disease is an important cause of poverty. The so-called, if one person gets sick and the whole family suffers, if one person in the family falls ill, it may destroy the entire family's economy
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 G7 negative pressure monitoring ambulance
G7 negative pressure monitoring ambulance
 Tujano Experience Car
Tujano Experience Car
Medical examination vehicles, mobile service vehicles and medical examination vehicles are commonly known as "physical examination vehicles". They are special vehicles designed for the medical industry to meet routine physical examination, treatment, emergency medical rescue and other functions. Advantages of the medical examination vehicle: It is flexible and can enter the village and households for physical examination. Car equipment is interconnected and data is automatically integrated. Standardization of public health services, including file building, follow-up, physical examination records, etc. No manual entry is required, and an efficient and unified public health service management platform is composed of a platform server system, management software system, vehicles, and medical testing equipment. Support the docking of regional medical information platforms to improve the efficiency of primary medical management. The medical examination vehicle can be equipped with medical equipment combination cabinets, physical examination tables and chairs, various testing instruments, height and weight scales, computer monitors, biochemical instruments and other devices can be installed.
 Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspection Vehicle
Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspection Vehicle
The TCM patrol vehicle is specially used to transport TCM four-diagnosis instruments, necessary medical facilities and TCM medicines, thus providing a complete diagnosis and treatment process service for TCM consultation and dispensing. It has the advantages of high diagnosis and treatment efficiency and low consultation cost. An operating table is installed on one side of the working room. The operating table is equipped with a computer, a weighing table, multiple dispensing bins and an edge banding machine. The rear of the working room is connected with a four-diagnostic instrument for Chinese medicine, and a medicine cabinet is installed on the outside of the working room. A shade shed cloth is installed above the wall. The Chinese medicine patrol vehicle is a multi-functional information service platform, which integrates the functions of vehicle, Chinese medicine physical identification, Chinese medicine culture, knowledge publicity and education, etc., tailored to respond to the national strategic plan for the development of Chinese medicine.
 G7 Disabled Transporter
G7 Disabled Transporter
The disability transfer vehicle is equipped with medical cabinets, stretcher chairs, oxygen cylinders and other necessary devices for transferring patients. In order to solve the problem of a large number of non-emergency patients dialing 120 to squeeze emergency resources, a new type of vehicle ---non-emergency ambulance was born. ! According to the notice of the Health Commission, the service targets of the disabled transport vehicle mainly include three types of people: one is those who need to go home after the treatment is completed; the other is those who are transferred to nursing homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation, etc. for further recovery; and the third is those who are inconvenient to go to see a doctor and seek medical treatment. The premise is that none of these three types of people need professional escorts.



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